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Queer Men’s Therapy Group

Growing up as a queer man brings with it many difficulties that can impact our lives and our mental health. This therapy group aims to provide a therapeutic space for queer men to process their experiences, start a journey of discovery, healing and understanding.


During 8 weeks of online, focused group therapy, you will be surrounded by those who understand and supported by a queer therapist. You will be guided each week by Tom on a range of themes that often impact queer men.



Sunday 8th January – Sunday 26th February. 

8 consecutive weeks, 1.5 hours each week

Sundays 10.00 – 11.30am 

Weekly Themes
Weekly Themes

Week One: Group Agreement, Introductions & Setting the Scene

Here we beginning the formation of the therapeutic relationship. As a group we will learn about the eight-week process and discuss the group agreement. This will be a key moment for us to meet fellow group members, introduce ourselves and discuss hopes and expectations. 


Week Two: The Wider Context

This week we explore the wider context. This means that we will share in the group what we feel the world expected of us and how it affected our mental health. This will be individual to each group member and might include discussing how our family, friends, faith, society, race, the media, the law etc impacted our beliefs about ourselves as queer men.  


Week Three: Shame

Here we start the exploration of shame. During this week we share the sense of shame we have been made to feel as gay men and explore therapeutically how it affected us growing up and how it might still affect us today. 


Week Four: Shame Continued 

Considering many queer men have felt a deep sense of shame week two continues with the discussion. This week we explor the concept of overcoming our queer shame and examining if it is something we still need to experience. 


Week Five: Anger 

Anger is expected within queer male communities. Yet we are expected to keep quiet … why would we not be angry? We grew up in a world that wasn’t made for us. This week gives us the opportunity and the permission to express our anger in a safe environment. 


Week Six: Internalised Phobias 

This week gives us time to explore how our own internalised phobias (for example internalised homophobia) might have affected our lives. We share in a judgement free space times we have experience internalised phobias and learn to overcome this uncomfortable internal struggle. 


Week Seven: Being the Queer Man YOU Want to be 

During this week we start to explore the idea of being the queer man WE want to be, not the queer man we think we ‘should’ be. The wider context, shame, anger and internalised phobias no longer have to shape our lives. 


Week Eight: Checking out, Reflections and Ending

This group will likely have been a journey for all members, and it is time for us to reflect back together. This week we will share out thoughts and feelings about each other and discuss our key ‘take-aways’ from the 8 weeks of therapy. We will also explore what we feel our future looks like knowing what we now know. 


Each week group participants will be encouraged to reflect on specific topics in preparation for the week ahead. 

Who for?

Who is This Group For?

This group will be for queer men who feel their queer identity has impacted their lives and their mental health. You would be looking to start a journey of discovery, healing and understanding through a focused group therapy process. For people who identify as a queer man. Whether you are a gay, bi, trans, pan, asexual or demisexual guy this group is for you. 

Where, When Fees

When, Where and Fees


8 consecutive weeks, 1.5 hours each week



Every Sunday for 8 weeks from Sunday 8th January – Sunday 26th February. 



Sundays 10.00 – 11.30am 



Online, Zoom


Fees and Group Numbers:

There will be a maximum of 6 members per group. This group needs a minimum of 4 members to go ahead. 


The fee is £40.00 per person per week for eight weeks (£320 total for 8 weeks). Group members can either pay weekly or the full fee upfront. 


A £40.00 deposit is payable to hold your space on the group, this will cover the cost of your first week. 


Group Facilitator

Final Profile Pic July 2022.jpg

Hello, I am Tom and I will be the group facilitator. I am a registered and qualified therapist with over 3500 hours of clinical experience.


I have a Master’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice, a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, Diploma in Supervision and I teach counselling to trainees.


I have been working with queer men therapeutically for the past 5 years. Being a gay man myself I know full well how a queer experience can shape our lives and I am passionate about wanting to support members of the queer community accept themselves, heal and reach their full potential. 

I'm Interested

I'm Interested, what's next?

If this therapy group sounds right for you and you are available for the 8 weeks, please contact me via the form below. You might already know this is what you are looking for and can select if you would like to reserve a space today. 


Alternatively if you are unsure and want a chat you can select the option to arrange a 10-minute online consultation to discuss if this group is a good fit for you.


Once you have requested a space to be reserved I will be in touch and send you a copy of the client, therapist, group agreement for you to read and sign. I will also send you a secure online payment link for the £40.00 deposit. In the event you change your mind about attending the group the deposit is non-refundable.


Two weeks before the group starts you will be emailed final information along with the zoom link. If you wish to pay for the remining 7 weeks upfront a payment link can be sent. Alternatively, a link can be sent each week before the group for weekly payments.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I am interested in:

Thank you for contacting Tom at New Horizon Counselling, Tom will be in touch soon.

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