Counselling and Psychotherapy

Modern day life can be difficult and unpredictable, it can sometimes be hard to manage. Sometimes people find it helpful to seek out support from a counsellor who can provide impartial, confidential and non-judgemental support. 


Therapy can be a way for you to explore what you are going through in life in a confidential and non judgemental environment. You might want to explore things such as your mental health and well-being, life changes, relationship issues, your identity. Whatever support you are looking for New Horizon Counselling and our Therapist Tom will work to support you and your therapeutic goalsTom adapts his therapeutic approach around you and your needs, goals, hopes and exceptions, whatever they may be. 

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As well as providing general Counselling for common life problems, life changes and mental health our Therapist Tom also has further specialist experience outlined below.

LGBTQ+ Counselling

Growing up feeling different can shape us as humans, we are in a world where social stigmas can prevent people from being who they truly are. New Horizon Counselling can provide you with specialised counselling either short term or ongoing to support you in understanding your sexuality, gender, identity.

Bereavement Counselling

When losing someone through death or life changes it can bring up a lifetime worth of feelings and thoughts. You might be devastated about the loss, you might not be, each person experiences a loss in their own way. Here we can provide bereavement counselling to people who have experienced a loss whether that be recently or many years ago. There is no time frame for grief and New Horizon Counselling can assist in exploring your feelings around the loss, the stages of grief and to support you in how you might look after yourself.

What People Say

"The old me would have written 'Thank you for changing my life' but I can now say 'Thank you for guiding and helping me to work out for myself why and how to change my own life'."

"Tom is a fantastic counsellor. I had tried counselling twice before but on both occasions it was unsuccessful; mainly as I did not connect with either counsellors. It was so different with Tom! he has a friendly welcoming style where I felt so comfortable talking about subjects that I had buried for years."

“I now have the confidence to follow my dreams and believe in myself.”

"Tom is amazing! He provided me with a safe space to talk without judgement and helped me find answers to my own problems. Thank you so much Tom"

"I would, without a doubt, fully recommend Tom for his expertise, ability to foster a comfortable environment and his friendly, yet professional nature."