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Private Practice e-books by Thomas Smithson and Danielle Bottone

After six years in private practice Tom and Danielle have traveled different paths to get their business to where they are today. From qualifying together back in 2018, through to leaving jobs and getting set up. After facilitating several workshops on private practice they decided the time was right to share all they have learnt into these e-books. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Developing Private Practice

This e-book contains all you need to develop your practice including providing you with a range of templates for documents such as contracts and GDPR. The full contents is below followed by the download link to get your copy today. 


2. about Tom
3. about Danielle
4. purpose of ebook
5-6. practitioner self-care
7-9. the private practice roadmap
10. client agreements
11-12. client agreement example
13. GDPR, data protection & ICO
14-15. GDPR & data protection statement example

16. initial assessment
17. initial assessment example
18. adult safeguarding
19. working with adult risk

19. working with adult risk

20. risk assessment

21. risk assessment example

22. GP referral form

23. GP referral example

24. clinical will

25-26. clinical will example

27. essential admin

28-29. financial dos & don'ts

30. private practice expenses

31. getting client enquiries

32. Tom's top tips

33. Danielle's top tips

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Finding your Niche in Private Practice

Much like our first eBook ‘The Ultimate Guide to Developing Private Practice’ this body of work was born from an initial lack of knowledge and wishing we had some guidance on how to get more out of private practice.


Diversifying our therapeutic craft was not a part of our training, and much of what we now know has been a result of trying new things and seeing what works.


2. purpose of eBook

3. the niche journey - Tom

4. the niche journey - Danielle

5. the benefits of niche work

6. how niche changed the game - Tom

7. how niche changed the game - Danielle

8-9. what (really) gets you going?

10-11. who is your ‘ideal client’?

12. bling spots

13-14. finding your ‘ideal clients

15-16. staying on top of your niche

17. lessons learned years on

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'The Ultimate Guide to Developing Private Practice'


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'Finding your Niche in Private Practice'


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