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Privacy Policy

New Horizon Counselling Ltd is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected.


When you get in touch via email we will use the information you provide to reply to the message. If you wish to remain in contact with us by using our services these details will be stored securely and we will contact you via your preferred contact method. 

This Policy was last updated March 2024

What data we collect and what we do with that data:

  • Name - Used to address you when contacting you directly. 

  • Contact information such as email and address - used to contact you directly.

You have the right to request a copy of the information we hold on you, you also have the right to request your information be removed and securely deleted, subject to ares of public policy specified in the GDPR, or to our own specific needs concerning legal obligations or claims.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, would like a copy of the information we hold on you or would like yo request your data to be removed please contact us via our Contact and Bookings Page.

Should you decide to start Therapeutic Counselling with New Horizon Counselling Ltd there will be additional data taken, what data is taken and how we use this is outlined in our GDPR and Data Protection statement statement. The GDPR (2018) forms part of the Data Protection Act (2018) and provides you with greater transparency over your personal data, such as data used to identify you. We abide by the terms of GDPR (2018) and have outlined how your personal data is used or stored.

To view the Client GDPR & Data Protection Statement click here: 


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Business Details

Company Name: New Horizon Counselling Ltd

Trade Mark

Company Registered Number: 11343854 

Registered in England and Wales

Registered office address and postal address: Newminster House 27-29 Baldwin Street Bristol BS1 1LT

Company Email:

Should you wish to contact us by non electronic means please write to:

Newminster House

27-29 Baldwin Street



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