Workshops and Training with New Horizon Counselling 

I am currently facilitating workshops for companies, professionals and individuals looking to further their knowledge on a variety of subjects.

All of my workshops can be adapted to the organisations needs and budgets, each workshop usually lasts from 2 hours to 6 hours for larger groups. Workshops and training can be facilitated face to face and we can travel to your location (travel fees apply). Alternatively workshops and training can be facilitated online via Zoom.


Please get in touch for more information and prices, to book or to arrange a free no obligation meeting to discuss your organisations needed please call or email.

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Counselling & Psychotherapy with LGBTQ+ Clients

After decades of laws and stigmas that prevented people from being their true selves’ people are now able to embrace their true identities. However, there is still a lot of confusion and stigma in society and within the therapy room about LGBTQ+ communities. 

It’s now more important than ever for professionals to keep up to date with changing trends, terminology, general knowledge and things to consider when offering Counselling and Psychotherapy to LGBTQ+ clients. 

This CPD workshop will be ideal for Counsellors, Therapists, mental health professionals and organisations looking to expand their knowledge on this complex and important topic.

What’s included?

• Detailed explanation on different sexuality and gender identities. 

• A discussion on sexuality around the world.

• Exploration of Toms 'Four pillars of LGBTQIA+ Therapy' discussing four key things for therapists to be aware of when working with LGBTQ+ clients. 

  1. The wider context,

  2. Shame,

  3. Rage,

  4. Internalised phobias 

This training can be adapted to span from is a two and a half hours to a full day workshop depending on attendee numbers. Training includes interactive group work, breakout rooms and a short comfort breaks. 

Counselling & Psychotherapy with LGBTQ+ Clients
Online Training Workshop

Attendee Testimonials

Our support group of counsellors booked Tom for a workshop on sexuality and gender that he delivered to us. It was a fantastic day of learning on a topic that is not covered enough in counselling training. Tom was interesting, knowledgeable and flexible, and shared a lot of his own personal story. Thank you so much for a fantastic day of learning.

Informative training that was given in an engaging way. Zoom training can be a bit dry! I liked the break out discussions and I felt particularly held by Tom as a facilitator in terms of competency, knowledge and an invitation to make mistakes and not know everything. 

Fantastic workshop! Tom was very knowledgeable about the subject and provided a safe space for us to explore the subject fully.

The workshop struck a perfect balance of theory/information and group discussion. Tom held the group very nicely and his passion for the topic is clear. I would recommend to anyone. 

I attended the Sexuality and Gender Awareness CPD Workshop in December and came away having learnt so much and an interest to learn more. The workshop was delivered brilliantly within a comfortable environment. 

I enjoyed the fact that someone was doing a workshop on a subject that effects them as well, that makes it more real, plus the way it has been presented, open and honest. Breakout rooms were great, given all of us a chance to talk and make connections. I believe that the amount of people attending was just right.

Private Practice and other Workshop Testimonials

"As someone who is yet to work privately, I found the workshop to be very informative and provided me with guidance on where to start and the various things to consider. I found it particularly helpful to hear both your journeys to developing private practice and what worked and didn’t work for you as well as the tips. Throughout the workshop I felt very inspired and motivated to start developing my private practice and stop procrastinating! It was inspiring to hear how you both achieved this for yourselves and the various ways you continue to maintain your client base."

- Developing Private Practice Workshop