Workshops and Training with New Horizon Counselling 

We are currently facilitating workshops for companies, professionals and individuals looking to further their knowledge on a variety of subjects. Workshops are facilitated by Tom, qualified & registered Mental Health Counsellor and founder of New Horizon Counselling. 

All of our workshops can be adapted to the organisations needs and budgets, each workshop usually lasts 2 hours however can be reduced to 1 hour, or extended to 4 hours for larger groups. Workshops and training can be faciliatted face to face and we can travel to your location. Alternatively workshops and training can be done online via Zoom or Teams.


Please get in touch for more information and prices, to book or to arrange a free no obligation meeting to discuss your organisations needed please call or email.

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Sexuality and Gender Awareness Workshop

After decades of laws and stigmas that prevented people from being themselves people are now embracing their true sexual identities and gender. However, there is still a lot of confusion and stigma in society about different sexuality, sexual identity and gender. 


It’s now more important than ever for companies, employees and therapists to keep up to date with changing trends and terminology to not only be able to understand Sexuality and Gender but to also improve on their ability to work with LGBTQ+ clients, employees and customers.

Whats included?

  • Detailed definitions and discussions on different sexualities and genders

  • Sexuality throughout history

  • Sexuality around the world

  • Struggles of sexual identity

  • Sexuality in the BAME communities

  • Sexual identity and mental health

  • Sexual identity stigmas and misconceptions

  • LGBTQ+ in numbers

  • Counselling people from the LGBTQ+ Community (Included in Therapist workshop only)

Mental Health at Work Workshop

This workshop is tailored to managers, colleagues and business owners looking to broaden their knowledge on a variety of topics surrounding self-care and workplace mental health. 

Topics covered include:


  • Defining and understanding self-care

  • Why we need self-care and becoming the best we can be.

  • Self-care and mental health

  • Working with and supporting colleagues struggling with self-care and mental health

    • What to say and what not to say

  • How to look after our Mental Health at Work and Home

  • Self-care tips and ideas

  • Group discussions

  • Q&A

HIV and AIDS Awareness Workshop

This workshop will be for professionals looking for continuing professional development workshops and individuals that are looking to broaden their knowledge on HIV and AIDS, the workshop will include some interactive work, discussions and cover the below topics.


  • What is HIV

  • What is AIDS

  • History of HIV and AIDS

  • Transmission of HIV

  • How does HIV affect the body

    • CD4 Counts

  • Stigmas related to the virus in minority groups

  • Gay & bisexual community and men who have sex with men (GBMSM)

  • Black Minority and Ethnic (BME) communities

  • Medications

  • Treatment options

    • PrEP and PEP medications

  • Mental health implications of a HIV diagnoses.

What People Say

"As someone who is yet to work privately, I found the workshop to be very informative and provided me with guidance on where to start and the various things to consider. I found it particularly helpful to hear both your journeys to developing private practice and what worked and didn’t work for you as well as the tips. Throughout the workshop I felt very inspired and motivated to start developing my private practice and stop procrastinating! It was inspiring to hear how you both achieved this for yourselves and the various ways you continue to maintain your client base."

- Developing Private Practice Workshop