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Queer Narrative and Queer Joy

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I am currently in the process of writing a book from a queer therapist to all therapists, all about working therapeutically with queer clients. It is not an academic book (that’s not my cuppa tea) but a book that wants to have a chat with you and share some knowledge. 


As part of my writing I am discussing the “queer narrative” what I mean by this is the expectation of what a queer person’s life will be like. For a queer person this might be what we expected our lives to be like in the past and present. For non queer people this might connect to historic assumptions.  


For example, when I was growing up my queer narrative was that if I was / am gay it would mean that I would have a short, lonely and unhappy life – this narrative is common for many queer people and can have a huge impact on our lives (hence why I am discussing it). Although some people do start with a positive narrative and I want to hear about that too. 


Although I am writing about this narrative, I also want to challenge it, as I often see the narrative change in my client work, books, media and through lived experience. Therefore I aim to speak about the positives of being queer, the joy queer people live. 


As these themes are under-discussed topics it means I need your help! The below form asks several questions. All questions are optional, all answers will be anonymous (please don’t use any names). Any information and thoughts will be appreciated. 


By completing the below form, you are doing so knowing that some of the information provided might end up in my book, due to be published in 2025. 

These questions will be available from 18th April 2024 to 18th May 2024.

Any questions please email me: 


What do I mean by queer? – Anyone who identifies as L.G.B.T.I.A.D.Nb.Gf.A.I.P+


Why queer? 


“Queer is beautifully ambiguous, ambiguous meaning open to more than one interpretation, everyone’s meaning of queer is different, that is why it is so beautiful, because its our business” – @loxleysexology 

Thank you for sharing your comments. It is greatly appreicated.

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